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Manufacturing stupidity.

Jul 162013

Americans take no interest in education but are obsessed with schooling.

Jul 022013

A pseudo-science colonizes other disciplines; a real one sticks to its last.

May 222013

The most effective way to learn is by devoting oneself to a single subject for months at a time. Its opposite is school.

Mar 152013

Beware of any discipline that creates its own subject matter.

Feb 262013

Defang a book by putting it on the syllabus, a painting by putting it in a museum, and a radical by putting him in the ministry.

Jan 212013

It never seems to occur to the teacher who complains of inattentive students that he may not be worth attending to.

Jan 072013

The least forgiving pedant is the kindergartener in possession of a new fact.

Dec 032012

Never before have so many spent so much time in school to so little purpose.

Nov 292012

An above-average capacity for boredom is optimal; a superior one is disastrous.