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Manufacturing stupidity.

Nov 182019

It would not be possible for school to make us as stupid as it does without our native gifts.

Sep 242019

Ignorance, cultivated with sufficient rigor, is bliss.

Sep 162019

Merciful regimes kill the troublesome without insisting on reeducating them first.

Sep 032019

Parents go to considerable trouble and expense to provide their children instruction in how to hate them.

Aug 092019

A field that uncomprehendingly imitates the methods of a more prestigious field will also imitate its style: the result being writing that not even the author understands.

Mar 132019

Teaching everyone to read leaves the difficulty of supplying vast amounts of reading matter suitable for everyone.

Feb 122019

He who can, does; he who cannot, teaches; and he who does, usually cannot teach.

Jan 212019

An infallible sign of fraudulence, in an academic department, is “studies” in its name.

Jan 182019

Life is a series of increasingly elaborate marshmallow tests.