Remembering – Page 3 – Everything


The obscurest epoch is today.

Jun 152022

The psychologists tell us that what we possess we hold too dear — except our inherited civilization, which we are ever eager to part with on the cheap.

Jun 142022

A memory lapse is a file not lost but only illegibly labeled; once located, its contents are generally intact.

May 302022

The evil, or good, that men do on a colossal scale lives after them; the rest is interred with their bones.

Apr 182022

Dead white men are to be disregarded in part because they are men, more because they are white, and most of all because they are dead.

Apr 142022

Few mourn dueling, but many mourn the qualities that once induced men to duel.

Feb 242022

There have been historically four ways of dealing with conquered people, corresponding to the four stages of civilization: kill them; enslave them; tax them; and supply them with money, weapons, military training, and ample reason for resentment, then leave.

Feb 112022

Civilization can never be other than a brief local interlude; it creates the conditions for its own destruction.