The obscurest epoch is today.

Mar 262019

Flash mobs appeared from nowhere, a few years ago, and vanished as suddenly as they came.

Mar 202019

There are no murders of great civilizations — only suicides.

Jan 172019

The savage’s hatred of the civilized man does little harm, unless abetted by the civilized man’s hatred of himself.

Dec 172018

The conservative stands athwart history with a radar gun, handing out the occasional speeding ticket to make quota.

Dec 032018

Whiggism implies boundless optimism about the future, and, less often noted, boundless contempt for the past.

Oct 312018

We say of posthumously venerated figures that they waited generations or centuries to receive their due. It does not occur to us that they may have deserved their earlier neglect, and that it is we who have been taken in.

Sep 132018

The people who believe in Whig history have never read a page of it.

Aug 202018

The philosopher, who needs to remember what he knows, forgets; and the historian, who needs to forget, remembers.