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The obscurest epoch is today.

Dec 162021

Privacy was ephemeral, almost accidental, springing up here and there in that fleeting century between poverty and universal surveillance.

Sep 212021

No political ideology, according to its advocates, has ever really been tried.

Sep 102021

To choose a side of history is to excuse implicitly the atrocities committed in its name.

Jun 012021

Atrocity, A Natural History

1. It didn’t happen.
2. It was much smaller than you think.
3. It was entirely justified.
4. What we need is more such atrocities.

May 102021

In less than two centuries communism has established itself as the apex predator on civilization, a killing machine: one admires it as one admires a hardy but lethal virus, or the great white shark.

May 072021

At the beginning of civilization we hate and fear the alien; at its height we study and attempt to understand him; and in its dotage we accept and support him, and at the end prefer him to our own.