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The obscurest epoch is today.

Jun 252019

Discursive prose was a brief and happy interlude in human history: at the beginning were drums and chants, and so it shall be at the end.

May 232019

History, for the progressive, is a bottomless source of self-regard. He reads of past men and past deeds, and thinks, “If only they were more like us!”

Apr 162019

Not so very long ago, no adult in history had ever spoken of himself as the parent of an animal.

Apr 102019

Ours is the Great Age of Hoaxes, its small compensation for being the Great Age of Fakes.

Mar 262019

Flash mobs appeared from nowhere, a few years ago, and vanished as suddenly as they came.

Mar 202019

There are no murders of great civilizations — only suicides.

Jan 172019

The savage’s hatred of the civilized man does little harm, unless abetted by the civilized man’s hatred of himself.

Dec 172018

The conservative stands athwart history with a radar gun, handing out the occasional speeding ticket to make quota.

Dec 032018

Whiggism implies boundless optimism about the future, and, less often noted, boundless contempt for the past.