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We all come into this world with our little egos equipped with individual horns. If we don’t blow them, who will?

Feb 282017

Self-criticism, painful as it may be, at least affords the opportunity to think about oneself.

Jan 132017

Major vices are too alien and fascinating to earn our unalloyed contempt; we reserve that for minor ones.

Dec 262016

Noble deeds, performed without regard for reputation or reward, would be more common if there was just some way to get the word out.

Dec 222016

To imagine oneself facing an unpleasant truth — few sensations are as pleasant.

Dec 022016

The most vexing problem in psychology is the happiness and success of our inferiors.

Nov 252016

That we would have been above the absurd beliefs and barbaric practices of other times — this absurd belief abets our barbaric practices.

Nov 142016

It is because we regard conforming opinions as virtue that we treat deviant ones as vice.

Oct 242016

A few have learned to suppress their dismay that the world does not regard them quite as they regard themselves, and this we call modesty.