Self-Loving – Page 6 – Everything


We all come into this world with our little egos equipped with individual horns. If we don’t blow them, who will?

Feb 162018

The future will marvel that we regarded “be yourself ” as sound moral advice.

Feb 072018

Those tiny notifications are ego reified, tugging at you incessantly, like a child at its mother in the supermarket, in the cereal aisle.

Dec 152017

Persistent detractors are a mark of distinction, as everyone discovers when he acquires them.

Dec 082017

The aphorist strives for the shock of recognition, the moment it dawns on the reader that, yes, that is just what other people are like.

Oct 272017

Reality, n.   The court to which one eventually appeals after losing competitions for power, wealth, and status.

Oct 132017

We are apt to disagree with whatever does not provide an occasion to congratulate ourselves.

Jul 192017

Where others regard us as of no use, we fancy ourselves despised.