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Business is more agreeable than pleasure; it interests the whole mind more continuously, and more deeply.

Dec 142020

Being told so much more often to Look Professional and Act Professional than Be Professional, one begins to suspect that it is in looking and acting that professionalism largely consists.

Dec 022020

A polity achieves decadence when the companies that help you make money make less money than the companies that help you spend it.

Nov 122020

A few facts about an artist’s life can, if you’re not careful, spoil his work for good.

Oct 302020

In a large organization it is impossible to act alone, and every corporate and governmental imbecility that comes to your attention has been vetted by several layers of imbeciles.

Aug 182020

Curing delusion has become, for psychiatry, a simple matter of demanding that the world see the subject as he sees himself.

Aug 132020

Wanamaker’s Law: Half of everything is wasted or harmful, and we don’t know which half.

Jul 302020

Where mediocrity is not disqualifying it soon becomes mandatory.