Business is more agreeable than pleasure; it interests the whole mind more continuously, and more deeply.

Jul 202018

We are regularly informed, by people with talent for a discipline, that nothing is required to master it but effort.

Jul 182018

Better than nothing is an exacting standard: medicine has met it only recently, and to many prestigious and lucrative occupations it remains a fond hope.

Jun 192018

There is no job so simple that its performance can be measured.

May 252018

You can have loyal subordinates, or competent ones.

Apr 112018

Always speak Truth to Power, once you’re sure Power isn’t going to option your novel.

Apr 042018

Journalists, Kraus said, are writers who do not understand their subject — for which their remedy is to read each other assiduously.

Mar 302018

The modern tragedy is that the procedures that revolutionized science happen to be disastrous when applied anywhere else.

Feb 092018

You don’t fight for your country: you fight for your platoon.