Business is more agreeable than pleasure; it interests the whole mind more continuously, and more deeply.

Nov 292018

Fame is to be known for one thing: to essay more than one is to court obscurity again.

Oct 042018

Any man who masters the practice of a discipline will be told that he does not understand its theory.

Sep 122018

Stores used to play music to please the customers; they play it now to please the staff.

Aug 292018

It is better to put off a task, and be thought incompetent, than complete it, and remove all doubt.

Jul 202018

We are regularly informed, by people with talent for a discipline, that nothing is required to master it but effort.

Jul 182018

Better than nothing is an exacting standard: medicine has met it only recently, and to many prestigious and lucrative occupations it remains a fond hope.

Jun 192018

There is no job so simple that its performance can be measured.

May 252018

You can have loyal subordinates, or competent ones.