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Business is more agreeable than pleasure; it interests the whole mind more continuously, and more deeply.

May 122021

The micromanager constantly remarks his hatred of micromanaging, as if he were driven to it, as a last resort, by the sheer fecklessness of his underlings.

Apr 202021

Never give up what you can postpone indefinitely.

Mar 242021

The more features a product acquires, the worse it becomes at what it was originally designed to do.

Mar 112021

Law of Insufficient Time: It’s always later than you think, even after accounting for the Law of Insufficient Time.

Feb 042021

Munitions manufacturers exist because we want to war; cigarette manufacturers because we want to smoke; and manufacturers of lies and imbecilities because we want to believe them.

Jan 272021

Great problems are solved backwards: practice, then theory, and philosophical foundations, if ever, last of all.

Jan 252021

Law of Scientific Consensus: A consensus will form on the hypothesis most likely to confer funding and employment. This hypothesis will always be termed “scientific” and may well be true.