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Business is more agreeable than pleasure; it interests the whole mind more continuously, and more deeply.

Nov 172021

The purveyor of a cure does not, unless he is a madman, spread the ill; but he can scarcely help spreading belief in it.

Nov 032021

Modern Westerners are, by historical standards, awash with leisure, much of which we use to complain about working all the time.

Oct 212021

Every charitable foundation does more harm than good, if it lasts long enough, eventually falling into the hands of people who wish to run charitable foundations.

Sep 092021

The modern corporation has turned business — a glamorous pursuit, full of intrigue, danger, and deceit — into bureaucratic drudgery. This is its unpardonable sin.

Sep 032021

There are so many ways to go wrong that every well-made thing is a miracle, to be regarded with reverence, even awe.

Jul 052021

If you hire for competence, it is still likely that you will get incompetents; if you hire for anything else, it is certain.

May 122021

The micromanager constantly remarks his hatred of micromanaging, as if he were driven to it, as a last resort, by the sheer fecklessness of his underlings.