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Religion, art, taste, and other delusions.

May 222023

Not a few men combine a thorough grounding in the principles of an art with no taste in it whatever. The principles are not forgotten; on the contrary, they are applied to excess.

May 102023

Nothing is, ever was, or ever will be so bad it’s good.

Apr 142023

Art, like science, may be regarded by the practitioner as a collective body of work to which he hopes to make a small contribution.

Apr 052023

Domestic sentiment is impossible to portray effectively in art, because it is universal, deeply felt, and always the same.

Mar 282023

It is as misdirected to love or admire science, in the large, as poetry. One must ask after not poetry but poems, and not science but experiments.

Mar 212023

Eccentric diets and exercise — vegan, paleo, ultra-marathon, yoga — advertise themselves as cures for the body; in fact they are cures for the soul, often at the body’s expense.

Mar 142023

We preach for our politics, and for our religion, but preachers for art are known as “critics” and justly regarded as an alien species.

Feb 212023

Movie reviews are for people who might watch the movie; book reviews are for people who won’t read the book.