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Religion, art, taste, and other delusions.

Jul 292021

The pretense that empty and prolix speeches are noble, that pedestrian performances are scintillating, that crude and mawkish poetry is stirring and profound — this celebration of kitsch is the most degrading aspect of official public spectacle.

Jul 162021

There ought to be a small but discernible difference between your favorites and what you think best: a large difference is snobbery, and no difference is also snobbery, of an opposite kind.

Jul 142021

The worst disaster in the movies is to find a bag of money.

Jun 212021

The more that is shown, the less that is suggested; and to show everything, suggesting nothing, is pornography, regardless of the subject.

May 312021

The contemporary doctrine that art should shock, and the greater the shock the better the art, is the last twilit ruin of Longinian aesthetics — sublimity for a jaded age.

May 132021

The punishment for a hit is to watch your aging audience stifle their boredom while they wait for you to play it, at every show, until you quit or die.

Apr 142021

For every piece of pornography, no matter how crude or explicit, critics can be found to praise its bold, transgressive, sophisticated commentary on the acts in question.