Religion, art, taste, and other delusions.

Apr 272017

It is the work of art to conceal art, and of criticism to reveal it again.

Apr 132017

The work of art is not the object, and not the experience of the object: it is the experience of having experienced it.

Mar 132017

If orchestral performances were movies, the instrumentalists would be celebrated, the conductor credited, and the composer unmentioned.

Mar 072017

Those who say they don’t believe in love, or art, or politics, or God, always believe acutely, piercingly, in their disbelief.

Jan 262017

The demand for revelation has not slackened; the churches have merely lost their monopoly.

Jan 042017

Ugliness, incompetence, immaturity: these have become ideologies — no longer failures but ends in themselves.

Nov 292016

Artists should be judged by their best work. Architects do not have this luxury.

Nov 102016

For most of history it was prohibited for the mass of men to express themselves: then, briefly, it was permitted: now it is required.