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Religion, art, taste, and other delusions.

Jan 202021

Beauty has no history, and every history of art is only a history of taste.

Dec 152020

Nearly all great movies adhere quite rigidly to the conventions of a genre, nearly all movies that try not to do so are disasters, and so it is with lives.

Dec 102020

The obscure artist awaits the verdict of posterity, unable to compete with the living, expecting to compete with the dead.

Nov 302020

The land of the blind has a blind god to whom the one-eyed man is sacrificed.

Nov 272020

To set up as an arbiter of good taste is in the worst taste possible.

Nov 172020

We try to convince ourselves that villains are unhappy: it should be enough to know that they are bad.

Nov 122020

A few facts about an artist’s life can, if you’re not careful, spoil his work for good.

Nov 032020

There are atheists in foxholes, but not pacifists.

Oct 192020

Fashion can be beautiful, but always by accident, and never for long.