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Religion, art, taste, and other delusions.

Sep 222021

Now and then a readable novel is written that takes its author as its subject; we call these autobiographies.

Sep 152021

Love-conquers-all is the dullest story in the world. In most of the interesting stories love conquers nothing whatever.

Aug 312021

Nice manners are a minor virtue rarely found in people with major ones.

Aug 192021

The praise of reviewers tends to be bland and uninformative, with exceptions. One can be certain that an actor’s “riveting” performance was far worse than usual, and that a “lyrical” novel will be unreadable.

Aug 052021

Technology makes all our dreams come true, nightmares included.

Jul 292021

The pretense that empty and prolix speeches are noble, that pedestrian performances are scintillating, that crude and mawkish poetry is stirring and profound — this celebration of kitsch is the most degrading aspect of official public spectacle.

Jul 162021

There ought to be a small but discernible difference between your favorites and what you think best: a large difference is snobbery, and no difference is also snobbery, of an opposite kind.

Jul 142021

The worst disaster in the movies is to find a bag of money.