Erring – Page 20 – Everything


Error is boundless.
Nor hope nor doubt,
Though both be groundless,
Will average out.

May 202014

Belief is an equilibrium, and that is just the trouble.

May 152014

We invent metrics partly to dignify arguments, but mostly to disguise them.

Apr 252014

Untried beliefs are the most firmly held.

Apr 162014

There are entire fields, like psychiatry and philosophy, devoted chiefly to exploding the errors that they create.

Apr 022014

A man should be pleased to make subtle errors; it means he has avoided the obvious ones.

Apr 012014

The inability to fathom a design without a designer leads to hostility to markets in half of the world, and hostility to Darwin in the other half.

Mar 122014

To make a grave error clearly and follow it through consistently will place a man among the greatest of philosophers.

Feb 062014

It is so much easier not to be wrong than to be right.

Feb 042014

In the most intractable arguments, one party regards as a question of degree what the other regards as one of kind.

Dec 302013

Spend enough time mastering a complex system of ideas and you end up believing it.