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If it had been your exact thought you would have used my exact words.

Dec 132017

Never read your old writing. It will displease you, or worse, please you.

Nov 302017

The danger of writing to a schedule is sloppy, repetitive, inflated work; the danger of not writing to a schedule is no work.

Sep 142017

To write something that could not have been written any other way usually takes several drafts.

Aug 012017

The distinctive modern contribution to language has been the acronym.

Jul 112017

Most write to make themselves heard; I write to shut others up.

Jun 272017

Gross intolerance of unpopular opinion may do for literature what the Hays Code did for movies: one must be clever when one cannot be frank.

May 302017

When one hears that a public figure hates journalists, it may be true; but what will be certain is that journalists hate him.

Mar 222017

Sarcasm is the lowest form of esotericism.