Business is more agreeable than pleasure; it interests the whole mind more continuously, and more deeply.

Dec 132013

The psychological travails of Western man stem mostly from the fact that he can be idle and not starve.

Dec 052013

Failure is always an option. Often it is the best option.

Nov 152013

Lawyers distinguish: philosophers confound.

Oct 312013

A relentlessly cheerful, upbeat, can-do attitude is a highly effective form of bullying.

Oct 302013

Blaming an actor for being a narcissist is like blaming a tiger for being a carnivore.

Oct 182013

To manage people effectively you must not only accept but praise work that you could have done better yourself.

Oct 102013

More successful enterprises have been created for spite than for money.

Oct 092013

An actor can be ugly and still have no talent.

Sep 242013

Executives rail against government bureaucracy from the confines of a corporate bureaucracy that would shame an apparatchik.

Aug 192013

Professional courtesy is a conspiracy against the public.