Sep 082014

You attenuate your strengths by too assiduously correcting your defects.

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  1. Not least because even assiduous efforts in this arena often produce modest effects, and take attention away from the apt employment of abilities? I probably ought to send you money again for this one, doing so would help me remember it.
    Too easily forgetting good advice is one such defect, perhaps somewhat more easily remedied here with a bit of a memory aid. Well, ok, then.

  2. Also because your strengths are often intimately bound up with your defects, and tampering with one tampers with the other.

  3. Well, that’s something I never thought of, and it’s more than a bit depressing to contemplate, since I like to think of defects as imprisoning strengths rather than feeding them, thus remedy a defect and free a strength. I do fail to see how cowardice can support any strength.

  4. Prudence, say, or discretion as Falstaff put it.

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