Lying – Page 13 – Everything


To a quite unwreckable Lie,
To a most impeccable Lie!
To a water-tight, fire-proof, angle-iron, sunk-hinge, time-lock, steel-faced Lie!
Not a private hansom Lie,
But a pair-and-brougham Lie,
Not a little-place-at-Tooting, but a country-house-with-shooting
And a ring-fence-deer-park Lie.

May 162013

To listen to people with talent, you might almost believe that there is no such thing.

Apr 302013

The stupid delude themselves that anything is possible; the clever, that whatever they cannot do cannot be done.

Mar 182013

We lie first about money, then about art; sex runs a distant third.

Mar 112013

Nothing is more exasperating than being lied to when both of you know and neither will admit it; yet this goes on all the time.

Jan 312013

It is the truth in the stereotype that is objectionable.

Jan 112013

Your terrible secret is that you have no terrible secret.

Jan 042013

The successful liar is never forgiven for showing us how tawdry the stories are in which we are eager to believe.

Nov 132012

Sometimes one lies to avoid the appearance of lying.

Nov 122012

One must strip away the outer layers of deceit and pretense from a person to reveal the inner core of pretense and deceit.