Lying – Page 13 – Everything


To a quite unwreckable Lie,
To a most impeccable Lie!
To a water-tight, fire-proof, angle-iron, sunk-hinge, time-lock, steel-faced Lie!
Not a private hansom Lie,
But a pair-and-brougham Lie,
Not a little-place-at-Tooting, but a country-house-with-shooting
And a ring-fence-deer-park Lie.

Apr 142015

The weak often want to be thought wicked, but the wicked never want to be thought weak.

Apr 072015

The man who undertakes to rid himself of his illusions and biases can end up like an old painting, improperly cleaned.

Jan 292015

The fanatic merely acts on his creed. His opposite is the hypocrite, and there is no third alternative.

Jan 022015

You call a man a cynic when you can’t call him wrong, and an idealist when you don’t want to.

Oct 032014

Whoever despises the means does not desire the end.

Sep 262014

The expert liar rarely misstates a fact.

Jul 232014

We say we feel old when circumstances have momentarily forced us to stop pretending that we are young.

Jul 222014

When we can no longer tell ourselves that we are good, we tell ourselves that we are exceptional.

Jul 012014

A picture lies better than a thousand words.