Lying – Page 2 – Everything


To a quite unwreckable Lie,
To a most impeccable Lie!
To a water-tight, fire-proof, angle-iron, sunk-hinge, time-lock, steel-faced Lie!
Not a private hansom Lie,
But a pair-and-brougham Lie,
Not a little-place-at-Tooting, but a country-house-with-shooting
And a ring-fence-deer-park Lie.

Jun 022021

Intellect is scorned in all times and places, and usually protects itself by traveling incognito. Physical beauty is apparent to all, and where it is attacked, invariably in the guise of a celebration of ugliness, we find an especially deformed and vicious age.

Apr 122021

Your friends will generally put up with whatever hideous thing you say to them, as long as it isn’t true.

Mar 092021

There will always be witches, because there will always be witch-hunters to supply them.

Jan 292021

Humans, though naturally curious, are also highly trainable, and when we are punished often enough for noticing something we will eventually refrain.

Jan 042021

When the numbers don’t come out as you would like, the first resort is to change the way you count; the second is to stop counting.

Sep 072020

Impostor syndrome, n.   The realization that you are, in fact, an impostor.