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To a quite unwreckable Lie,
To a most impeccable Lie!
To a water-tight, fire-proof, angle-iron, sunk-hinge, time-lock, steel-faced Lie!
Not a private hansom Lie,
But a pair-and-brougham Lie,
Not a little-place-at-Tooting, but a country-house-with-shooting
And a ring-fence-deer-park Lie.

Dec 052018

Commiseration, n.   The feeling of relief that there are some problems you don’t have.

Oct 242018

The man at pains to conceal his enviable qualities will be envied for his modesty.

Jul 302018

So the last shall be told that they are first, and the first that they are last: for many be hectored, but few persuaded.

Jul 242018

We begin to enjoy being called boys and girls when we know that we no longer are.

Jun 272018

The expressed desire to hear the unvarnished truth is among the world’s most popular lies.

Jun 212018

“Middle age” is the most optimistic phrase in the English language.

May 142018

It is possible, though unusual, to acquire the habit of finding truths comforting and lies unpleasant.

Apr 112018

Always speak Truth to Power, once you’re sure Power isn’t going to option your novel.

Mar 162018

There are beliefs that are useful to hold, and beliefs that are useful to advertise, which have almost nothing in common.

Feb 282018

The excuse is never buried more than three reasons deep.