Remembering – Page 11 – Everything


The obscurest epoch is today.

Jun 052017

The list of people who achieve posthumous fame after a lifetime of obscurity is short, and will not include you.

Apr 122017

The conquerors enslave the conquered, when the gap between them is small; when it is large, they exterminate them.

Mar 232017

Civilizations are created from the middle out and destroyed from the top down.

Feb 102017

Great innovations appear made by many simultaneously, because we consign to obscurity anyone more than a week or two ahead of his time.

Feb 082017

The medieval church had a juster claim as guardian of the life of the mind than the contemporary university.

Jan 052017

Historically killing deprived its victims only of life; the modern refinement is to deprive them first of agency.

Dec 142016

It is no harder to foresee the future than to construe the past.

Nov 282016

Each great upheaval of history that now seems to us inevitable came to nearly everyone who lived through it as a complete surprise.