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Operations of thought are like cavalry charges in a battle — they are strictly limited in number, require fresh horses, and must only be made at decisive moments.

Jul 042019

To be published in outlets of respectable opinion it is necessary to form respectable opinions.

Jun 202019

Bad people are a fertile and oft-neglected source of good ideas.

Jun 172019

It is natural to demand special consideration for your feelings if you can’t think.

May 272019

The especially rigid dogmatist can be identified by his frequent assurances that he always thinks for himself.

May 212019

To hide one’s beliefs takes effort, and attenuates them.

May 202019

Deductive conclusions, like the weather, are highly sensitive to initial conditions.

May 032019

There are two kinds of philosophers: those who begin with the conclusions, and fill in with egregious reasoning; and those who begin with the reasoning, and arrive at egregious conclusions.

Apr 262019

Never end up literal, but always start that way.