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Aug 042021

A country can vote itself into a lot more trouble than it can vote itself out of.

Jul 292021

The pretense that empty and prolix speeches are noble, that pedestrian performances are scintillating, that crude and mawkish poetry is stirring and profound — this celebration of kitsch is the most degrading aspect of official public spectacle.

Jul 212020

“Artisanal” is a word to dignify the menial labor that is all that most of the workforce can manage; we will need more such words.

May 282020

Few actions scale more effectively than help. You will likely do a little harm when you try to help one person, and almost surely do a lot when you try to help a great many.

Feb 222018

Reason, n.   1. A technique for justifying conclusions contrary to common sense. 2. Common sense. Obs.