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Business is more agreeable than pleasure; it interests the whole mind more continuously, and more deeply.

Aug 192013

Professional courtesy is a conspiracy against the public.

Aug 072013

Humanity for the first time is burdened with a vast proletariat of literate, ambitious, and demanding people who can’t really do anything.

Jul 252013

You haven’t learned a trade until you are surprised to see it done well.

Jul 232013

The good customer never reminds the shopkeeper how good a customer he is.

Jul 122013

Restaurants fail more frequently than gas stations because no one dreams of quitting his corporate job to open a gas station.

May 172013

Whatever the world’s greatest criminal mastermind is doing, it’s sure to be legal.

Mar 252013

Do what you love, provided it is useful and remunerative. Otherwise do something else.

Mar 012013

Science progresses by funeral, culture by massacre, engineering by disaster.

Feb 222013

Expertise makes one peremptory, but peremptoriness does not make one expert.