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If it had been your exact thought you would have used my exact words.

Dec 182015

All authors suspect, while they have no readers, that they are worthless. Then they acquire a few, and become convinced.

Dec 082015

A solitary aphorism can be perfect; a collection of them can only be intolerable.

Oct 152015

Cynics don’t write. To print one’s words, expecting others to heed or even read them, is an act of preposterous faith in human nature.

Jun 232015

Writing is hard. Writing about how hard writing is is somewhat easier.

Jun 182015

To see one’s thought summarized aptly and briefly is the rare experience that is flattering and humiliating in equal measure.

Jun 052015

The satirist’s punishment is praise from his intended victims.

May 282015

An aphorism requires assembly without instructions.