Error is boundless.
Nor hope nor doubt,
Though both be groundless,
Will average out.

Jul 112016

We measure first-order effects, guess at the second order, and the third order is like the third bottle of wine — all bets are off.

Jul 082016

Many who understand that suspicion is a strategy, not a model, persist in treating trust as a model, not a strategy.

Jun 292016

In philosophy correspondence and coherence vary inversely.

Jun 202016

The truth shall set you on anyone who will listen.

May 272016

It must be easier to fix the world than it is to fix a dishwasher; there are so many more people who know how.

May 172016

The worst example is the unique success.

May 122016

What is called stupidity is often only intelligence gone horribly wrong.

May 092016

Occam’s Razor doesn’t mean what’s simplest must be true;
It means that we are stupid and it’s the best that we can do.

May 032016

To make a new mistake is no small thing.