Error is boundless.
Nor hope nor doubt,
Though both be groundless,
Will average out.

Mar 232016

The opposite of hypocrisy is overconfidence.

Mar 152016

If you publicize your mistakes, eventually someone will say they are remembered because you were right so often.

Mar 022016

Those who trust their first thought sometimes have a second, but rarely a third.

Feb 172016

Vehemence is the infallible sign of opinion.

Feb 112016

The admission that irreparably damages the argument is introduced, by convention, with “of course”.

Feb 052016

The hedgehog, who knows one big thing, has many disciples, and the fox, who knows many things, has none.

Nov 182015

The erroneous belief is the minor problem, the excessive conviction the major one.

Nov 062015

Y explains X, and Z explains Y, and do not inquire too deeply after Z.

Aug 262015

Continuous moral progress of the species is an idea so grotesquely flattering that it cannot possibly be true.