The obscurest epoch is today.

Mar 232015

Classical Greece was infested with trolls, then called philosophers.

Mar 032015

The hard sciences killed God, natural selection buried Him, variance drove a silver stake through His heart, and yet He will not die.

Feb 232015

For every empire history offers a hundred explanations for why it fell, when what we need to know is how it lasted.

Feb 102015

The right side of history — it is a marvel in its way. Five small words, yet is there a contemporary folly it neglects to embrace?

Jan 062015

Most of the people who have ever lived have been almost entirely inarticulate, and we know nothing about them.

Nov 072014

History is not progress; yet without the idea of progress there can be no history.

Nov 052014

Civilization has always existed only in enclaves, and whoever would universalize it is its unwitting enemy.