The obscurest epoch is today.

Feb 122014

From mass literacy the last couple of centuries follow more or less ineluctably.

Jan 062014

“It was a culture,” the historian will write a century from now, “that found it necessary to invent the word ‘unironically.'”

Jan 032014

That no change is possible was the ancient superstition; that any change is possible is the modern one.

Dec 172013

Eventually one wearies of strangling the last king with the guts of the last priest.

Dec 092013

Yesterday the great enemy of democracy was distinction of birth; today it is distinction of wealth; tomorrow it will be distinction.

Dec 042013

Uncivilized colonists enslave the aborigines; civilized colonists exterminate them.

Nov 262013

Every historical atrocity has been committed in the name of some high principle.

Nov 072013

Those who can remember the past are condemned to tell those who cannot what part of it we are now repeating.