The obscurest epoch is today.

Dec 172013

Eventually one wearies of strangling the last king with the guts of the last priest.

Dec 092013

Yesterday the great enemy of democracy was distinction of birth; today it is distinction of wealth; tomorrow it will be distinction.

Dec 042013

Uncivilized colonists enslave the aborigines; civilized colonists exterminate them.

Nov 262013

Every historical atrocity has been committed in the name of some high principle.

Nov 072013

Those who can remember the past are condemned to tell those who cannot what part of it we are now repeating.

Oct 172013

Etiquette and ritual are observed long after traditions and religions have died, as fingernails seem to still grow on a corpse.

Aug 052013

All people at all times have annals; but only some at a few times have history.

Jun 122013

The past, like a mirror, is best gazed into from a middle distance; you can see nothing close up or far away.