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Identity, that spectator of what he calls himself,
That net and aggregate of energies in transient combination.

Dec 152020

Nearly all great movies adhere quite rigidly to the conventions of a genre, nearly all movies that try not to do so are disasters, and so it is with lives.

Dec 042020

Once in a while evil triumphs because good men do nothing, but usually because they meddle in what is none of their damn business.

Nov 172020

We try to convince ourselves that villains are unhappy: it should be enough to know that they are bad.

Nov 102020

Friends accumulate, like unmatched socks; enemies are chosen advisedly.

Nov 022020

Your self does not lie in what you love, still less in what you hate; or what you think, still less in what you feel: it lies in what you say and do and nothing more.

Oct 292020

Many people are so bored and unhappy that they welcome a personal disaster, as a change, and especially a social disaster, as a change in which others will suffer as well.

Oct 162020

True friends have seen the best in you, and put up with you anyway.

Oct 062020

Countless acts of surpassing excellence have been committed out of spite and fear.

Sep 302020

Sanity is less a particular outlook than a practiced aversion to the multifarious forms of crazy.

Sep 032020

There is a happiness in widely-shared enforced misery that goes a long way toward explaining nostalgia for Stalinism, or broadcast television.