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Identity, that spectator of what he calls himself,
That net and aggregate of energies in transient combination.

Jun 172021

If everyone were morally gray, there would remain the question of shade.

Jun 032021

Never let Possibly Better be the enemy of Perfectly Adequate.

May 132021

The punishment for a hit is to watch your aging audience stifle their boredom while they wait for you to play it, at every show, until you quit or die.

May 032021

We have won, at long last, the means and opportunity to make ourselves over completely, according to our own desires — and look around.

Apr 072021

Humans always segregate — on their most observable characteristics, when left to themselves; when interfered with, on characteristics less observable.

Apr 062021

Great geniuses, Emerson said, have the shortest biographies. They do not: but for most of us our personal history is all that we are and for them it is next to nothing.

Mar 192021

Fame is wasted on the famous.

Mar 172021

Unrequited love drives men to suicide, and unrequited hate drives them to murder.