Identity, that spectator of what he calls himself,
That net and aggregate of energies in transient combination.

Aug 022018

The true problem of evil is not arid and theological, but urgent and practical: malice, or stupidity?

Jul 262018

Many people I like aren’t my friends, and some of my friends I don’t much like.

Jul 102018

We all have imaginary friends, who are generally real people.

Jun 012018

To do what one intends is to be as a god.

May 282018

Almost everyone believes the world is filled with people who do evil on purpose; but not himself, and not anyone he knows.

May 242018

A lot of what we refrain from doing is not wrong, or undesirable, but just too much trouble to explain.

May 152018

I anticipate an old age full of regrets for what I did not do, with only a few for what I did not say.