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Identity, that spectator of what he calls himself,
That net and aggregate of energies in transient combination.

Apr 122016

Only the young die suddenly; the rest of us die slowly, long before we expire.

Apr 042016

Hypochondriacs also get sick, and paranoids also have enemies.

Mar 302016

It would be a dull world that conformed to our ideas about it.

Mar 252016

Humility has the arrogance to proselytize; arrogance has the humility not to.

Mar 182016

Western religious and secular thought have finally converged on the idea that to be good it is necessary only to believe that you are.

Mar 172016

The fat man should never eat the last doughnut.

Feb 292016

Personality, n. A collection of unpleasant mannerisms.

Feb 152016

It is the rare philosopher who notices how well most of the world gets on without philosophy.

Feb 042016

Why is experience the best teacher? Because we only really listen to ourselves.

Jan 262016

Selflessness needs constant vigilance, which takes the form of self-scrutiny, self-flagellation, self with every meal, in every bath.