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Identity, that spectator of what he calls himself,
That net and aggregate of energies in transient combination.

Sep 102014

Carelessness is a mild form of malice.

Sep 082014

You attenuate your strengths by too assiduously correcting your defects.

Sep 052014

It is a grave misfortune to be stupid, yet we all laugh at the stupidity of others without a twinge of guilt.

Aug 292014

Courage! You have less to lose than you think.

Aug 262014

A man can adapt to nearly anything, but only two or three times.

Aug 222014

It is a kind of madness, never to sicken at the sound of your own voice.

Aug 132014

Too bourgeois is an irritant, not bourgeois enough a disaster.

Aug 122014

Men will never be as good at being men as cats are at being cats.

Jul 282014

Life has heuristics: only games have rules.

Jul 162014

One is human insofar as one is difficult to model.