Identity, that spectator of what he calls himself,
That net and aggregate of energies in transient combination.

Sep 052014

It is a grave misfortune to be stupid, yet we all laugh at the stupidity of others without a twinge of guilt.

Aug 292014

Courage! You have less to lose than you think.

Aug 262014

A man can adapt to nearly anything, but only two or three times.

Aug 222014

It is a kind of madness, never to sicken at the sound of your own voice.

Aug 132014

Too bourgeois is an irritant, not bourgeois enough a disaster.

Aug 122014

Men will never be as good at being men as cats are at being cats.

Jul 282014

Life has heuristics: only games have rules.

Jul 162014

One is human insofar as one is difficult to model.

Jul 152014

Life may be sacred, but try telling Life that.

Jul 072014

The ordinary idea of goodness is so passive that it lacks its own verb: one sins, but never saints.