Being – Page 22 – Everything


Identity, that spectator of what he calls himself,
That net and aggregate of energies in transient combination.

Mar 162017

They make an inner desert and they call it inner peace.

Feb 142017

Knowing that we are not well, we hastily conclude that we are ill.

Feb 022017

We speak of death, yet dying is all we know.

Jan 102017

Fear, uncertainty, and doubt look like sound epistemic principles to me.

Jan 032017

A better version of oneself will be someone else.

Dec 262016

Noble deeds, performed without regard for reputation or reward, would be more common if there was just some way to get the word out.

Dec 062016

We all want different things, at different times, in different circumstances — this is the source of the great paradoxes of human nature.

Nov 232016

The Off button has grown smaller, and scarcer, and harder to find; soon it will disappear.

Nov 182016

Pedantry begins as a parasite on fastidiousness, and eventually destroys its host.