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You cannot have a contemporary prison without contemporary furniture.

Jun 052013

The likable never know whether they are liked for themselves or for their likability.

May 282013

Behavioral is to classical economics as relativistic is to classical mechanics.

May 272013

Talk comes in two sizes — big and small.

May 102013

Now that the symptoms of genius have been thoroughly advertised, one sees a great deal more of the symptoms.

Apr 162013

The Jewish kid who spray-paints a swastika on the synagogue to make the local TV news — this is the guiding metaphor for our time.

Mar 192013

There is a level of fame where it is no longer necessary to be interesting, and a higher level where it is no longer possible.

Mar 072013

Diseases have fashions, but hypochondria is always in style.

Feb 042013

It’s easy to get away with murder, except the one you want to commit.