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You cannot have a contemporary prison without contemporary furniture.

May 302018

Youth has a natural horror of age, and one gradually learns to reciprocate.

May 212018

The dissolute and profligate can always be depended on to preach sobriety and thrift; today it is the sober and thrifty who refuse to do so.

May 182018

It is more pleasant to be told that one has done a brilliant thing than that one is a brilliant person, which implies an obligation to continue.

Apr 052018

It was a distinctively contemporary utopia, a world in which one was never contradicted.

Mar 222018

A proper cultural revolution requires a proper culture to revolt against.

Mar 192018

If you want to be cruel, learn to be polite.

Mar 142018

Nihilism, n.   The belief that your beliefs are nonsense.

Mar 122018

Clever may not be wise but it’s a start.