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You cannot have a contemporary prison without contemporary furniture.

Sep 212020

One obtains a reputation for prophecy by predicting what is already happening that no one else has noticed.

Sep 152020

Most things are too big, and the bigger they get the worse they are.

Sep 102020

If you throw like a girl, you probably argue like one.

Aug 312020

There are reference works that ought to exist but do not, being too much trouble to assemble. The Encyclopedia of Musical Plagiarism is one, and The Historical Atlas of English Pronunciation is another.

Aug 062020

Civilization is mostly domestication, domestication is mostly feminization, and too much feminization is the end of civilization.

Jul 282020

If it ain’t broke, fixing it will do the trick.

Jul 202020

It doesn’t matter how many people hate you, provided it’s for different sets of mutually exclusive reasons.

Jul 172020

Some are born incapable, some achieve incapacity, and some have incapacity thrust upon them.