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You cannot have a contemporary prison without contemporary furniture.

Feb 112020

Declaring victory in an argument is the infallible sign that you have lost.

Jan 162020

Anti-Semitism is marvelously economical; you can hate communism, globalism, the academy, television, international finance, journalism, and Hollywood, all at the same time.

Dec 202019

To silence a disciple, steer him to a subject on which his master has not opined.

Dec 122019

The Efficient Action Hypothesis: If it were worth doing, someone would have done it already.

Dec 042019

If hope lay in the proles, there would be no hope, but it lies in the intellectuals, and there is no hope.

Nov 122019

The two worst generations are the next one and the last one, in that order.

Nov 062019

Suicide will never be common; it requires imagination.

Oct 212019

If it weren’t for politics, I would have to refuse more invitations.