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You cannot have a contemporary prison without contemporary furniture.

Jun 182019

Many famous and respectable men feel imprisoned by their reputation, and now and then one will say or do something to sabotage it, as a bear will gnaw off its leg to get out of a trap.

Jun 042019

Respectable opinion is a sandbox, and it is the children who play at its edges who guard it most zealously from the children who are not allowed to play at all.

May 172019

You may speak for others when they hire you to do so.

Apr 222019

We envision cozy, domestic futures, with flying cars and a place for us, and we are always wrong: the future will have no place for us at all.

Apr 182019

Those who can, smoke; those who cannot, philosophize.

Apr 032019

The hatred of jocks for nerds is as nothing to the hatred of nerds for jocks.

Mar 062019

Maybe it was the nerds who were evil all along.

Feb 192019

Only the perfect bore never bores himself.

Feb 132019

Sometimes the contagion is the thing, sometimes its expression: mirth and yawning are contagious, laughter and boredom are not.