You cannot have a contemporary prison without contemporary furniture.

Jul 062016

“Passionate advocacy” is among our politer terms for insanity.

Jun 062016

To eliminate clutter, get rid of everything that you will never use again.

Jun 022016

Strategy is the product for which motives, reasons, and beliefs are the advertising.

May 192016

Making friends is work, making enemies is fun.

May 182016

Serious people trying to be funny are generally no more embarrassing than funny people trying to be serious.

Apr 282016

A civilized man need not know a little about everything, but he must know a lot about something.

Apr 152016

If we really watched the weather we would talk about it even more than we do.

Apr 112016

The most vicious arguments are over how to count things.

Apr 052016

You don’t signal your opinions, you signal with them.