You cannot have a contemporary prison without contemporary furniture.

Sep 042015

Cigarettes lengthen life, after correcting for how smoking marks time.

Aug 312015

No-brainer, n.   An idea that is extremely persuasive as long as you don’t think about it.

Aug 252015

When you have a thousand followers, you have an audience; when you have a million, it has you.

Aug 182015

Philanthropy is no basis for particular affections, and misanthropy no bar to them.

Aug 142015

Hollywood is to the rest of America what America is to the rest of the world.

Aug 112015

The enemy of my enemy is a matter of perfect indifference to me.

Aug 042015

We live in an age of resonant declarations about what sort of age we live in.

Jul 312015

I wish to thank the many people who have undertaken, without pay and at considerable personal risk, to explain me to myself.

Jul 012015

Age has its privileges, like picking up the check.

May 152015

There are perfect fools, and perfection of any kind should be cherished.