You cannot have a contemporary prison without contemporary furniture.

Jan 192015

A culture without shame has its disadvantages, but it is rough on blackmailers.

Jan 092015

People never appreciate how I cringe for them.

Dec 302014

In psychiatry the diagnosis becomes the disease.

Dec 292014

For purposes of conversation the world can be divided into two classes: too young to talk, and too old to listen.

Dec 252014

The conservative rarely vouches for the health of the patient; he merely prefers the disease to the cure.

Oct 082014

Shame seems to have peaked as a verb just when it has disappeared as a noun.

Jul 252014

Attacks on greatness rain uselessly on civilization’s outer walls; praise for mediocrity bores from within.

Jul 102014

The height of a civilization can be judged by its mathematics and its music.

Jul 082014

In a democratic age manners and mores spread from top to bottom, then from bottom back to top.