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You cannot have a contemporary prison without contemporary furniture.

Dec 132016

Bad manners can put someone off once; it takes perfect manners to put him off for good.

Dec 092016

A side effect of prolonged silent meditation is being unable to shut up about it afterward.

Nov 222016

We can almost forgive the genius for being sane, but not for being happy.

Oct 062016

Having life too easy dissipates more promise in America than having it too hard.

Oct 052016

Hair length strongly correlates with silliness in women over 40.

Sep 262016

Mediocrities persist in treating geniuses as different. In fact they are only better, which is far more insulting.

Sep 162016

Americans abhor idleness. This is their greatest virtue, and their greatest vice.

Sep 142016

The cultural norm always precedes the psychological theory that is eventually invoked to justify it.

Sep 092016

Nothing is too serious to look trivial on television.

Sep 062016

The most attractive characteristic of the city dweller is his incuriosity about the neighbors.