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You cannot have a contemporary prison without contemporary furniture.

Mar 122018

Clever may not be wise but it’s a start.

Feb 262018

Without the will to fire the gun is no use.

Feb 202018

My hope for the dominant culture is that it will bore itself to death.

Feb 132018

Elite, adj.   1. Distinguished by outstanding achievement. Obs.   2. On top.

Feb 012018

Thanks to the Internet, all inconsequential arguments are settled immediately, and the rest go on forever.

Jan 292018

Precocity, n.   Unusually rapid ossification.

Jan 242018

Those who disagree with us used to be evil, and then they were stupid: now they are ill.

Jan 232018

We moderns have mastered the seemingly impossible trick of feeling superior to ourselves.

Jan 162018

The greater good is distant and speculative: the lesser evil required to achieve it is immediate and certain.