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You cannot have a contemporary prison without contemporary furniture.

Mar 032017

Plastic surgery has done more for human happiness than psychopharmacology.

Feb 242017

Every feasible technology will be used, and every admitted principle will be exploited.

Feb 212017

Relativism, n.  The belief that all things are relative, though some are more relative than others.

Jan 302017

As unfair inherited advantages go, brains beat hell out of money.

Jan 202017

That anything is good should always be a surprise.

Jan 192017

Having forgotten how to ask after truth, we ask after sincerity.

Jan 162017

Reputations are made, and unmade, but never remade.

Jan 092017

When someone does not speak your language, raise your voice.

Dec 282016

Small advances come from fixing what’s broken, great ones from breaking what’s fixed.

Dec 212016

Confusion about pronouns and antecedents will be feminism’s enduring legacy.