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The dead alive and busy.

May 202015

Many classics are now read only because so many others have already read them.

Apr 162015

A book that ossifies at exactly the same rate as its readers becomes a beloved contemporary classic.

Apr 132015

Books can also change lives for the worse.

Feb 182015

There is nothing that everyone should read but a lot that no one should.

Feb 122015

The reader properly resents coincidence. Life does not arrange itself to suit him; why should it arrange itself to suit the author?

Jan 122015

What we call realism in fiction is only a bit of reality-tinsel to decorate the old myths.

Dec 022014

Readers fall in love with villains because authors do.

Dec 012014


Magisterial: Pompous
Brilliant: Unreliable
Valuable: Trivial
Eccentric: Deranged
Classic: Dull
Formidable: Duller
Encyclopedic: Stupefying