In ’37 Stalin made a hash
Of party loyalists and army brass.
Decimation: One in ten are shot.
What’s the word when one in ten are not?

Jan 222018

A government not of men but of laws — written by men, interpreted by men, and enforced by men.

Dec 182017

The consolation prize for being out of power is unswerving commitment to timeless civic principles.

Nov 162017

There is no freedom to speak without the freedom to be silent.

Nov 152017

Authority depends on prestige, or failing that, police.

Nov 032017

It is rather late to mourn the dignity of office.

Oct 192017

Say what you like about our form of government, it beats democracy.

Oct 162017

Law is keeping order: justice is keeping score.

Oct 122017

To deify the state has a certain logic; for the state is compulsion and coercion, and these, too, are God’s usual means.