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In ’37 Stalin made a hash
Of party loyalists and army brass.
Decimation: One in ten are shot.
What’s the word when one in ten are not?

Dec 092019

The discovery that only bad people do bad things has tidied the administration of justice, making it a simple matter of determining who the bad people are.

Dec 052019

Meritocracy replaces aristocracy with bureaucracy.

Nov 262019

When you destroy a large tribe you produce a lot of smaller ones.

Nov 152019

The capitalists will sell the communists the rope with which they will jointly hang the remaining holdouts against our glorious corpo-progressive future.

Nov 142019

It has always conferred status to consume tax revenue, and opprobrium to produce it.

Nov 132019

Everyone is in favor of upward social mobility; the other direction is more controversial.

Nov 042019

Censorship, like any other government function, can be outsourced.

Oct 292019

The three dominant political ideologies of the past century are fascism, communism, and autism.