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In ’37 Stalin made a hash
Of party loyalists and army brass.
Decimation: One in ten are shot.
What’s the word when one in ten are not?

Feb 252021

I would far rather be ruled by the football team than the computer club, let alone the debate team, student government, or model U.N.

Feb 192021

Today’s politics has no Lenins, and few Stalins, but oh so many Kerenskys.

Feb 152021

There is always official doctrine, but it is unusual for the officials to be stupid enough to believe it.

Feb 052021

There is no institution, save the state itself, that guards free expression, and all such self-appointed guardians inevitably become enforcers of orthodoxy.

Jan 212021

To fend for oneself in a high civilization demands a certain cognitive minimum; when too many lack it the civilization lowers itself to meet them, and the process is hastened by letting them vote.

Jan 112021

I can tolerate punishment for thought crime, but I draw the line at rehabilitation.