Ruling – Page 22 – Everything


In ’37 Stalin made a hash
Of party loyalists and army brass.
Decimation: One in ten are shot.
What’s the word when one in ten are not?

Jan 302019

To be represented is the smallest aspiration.

Jan 282019

Progressive mores, which in the name of equality must be preached to and adopted by all, are mildly toxic to about a tenth of the population, crippling to two-thirds, and potentially fatal to the rest. For a few grifters they make a lucrative career.

Jan 172019

The savage’s hatred of the civilized man does little harm, unless abetted by the civilized man’s hatred of himself.

Jan 082019

Leninism is not communist any more than Catholicism is Christian: they are programs for the respective containment of communism and Christianity.

Jan 032019

Dullness is so prevalent in high places that it has come to be regarded as an obligation.

Dec 212018

There are worse ways to judge a government than if the trains run on time.

Nov 022018

State terror denotes resistance: eventually it can be dispensed with.

Nov 012018

The rulers, the ruled, and the theoreticians of rule alike always interest themselves more in who shall rule than how.