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Religion, art, taste, and other delusions.

Jul 142014

Monotheism is the most conspicuous failure of the principle of parsimony.

Jul 092014

You can smoke all you like in the movies, but you can’t cough without dying.

Jun 132014

People praise sincerity in art because they cannot bear the idea that an artist can imitate their deepest thoughts and feelings while remaining unmoved by them.

May 282014

Religion without doctrine and ritual is nothing, or as we now say, spirituality.

Jan 202014

Our ancestors believed in ghosts of people; we believe in multiple regression — ghosts of causes.

Jan 062014

“It was a culture,” the historian will write a century from now, “that found it necessary to invent the word ‘unironically.'”

Dec 122013

Belief in karma is the coward’s revenge.