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Religion, art, taste, and other delusions.

Nov 182013

Who will psychoanalyze the psychologists, deconstruct the deconstructionists, decode the signals of the signaling theorists, unmask the unmaskers?

Oct 012013

Christians enjoy having God watch them but positively relish having Him watch you.

Sep 232013

In a friend it is easier to tolerate bad character than bad taste.

Jun 242013

There is no book everyone should read, no music everyone should hear, no movie everyone should watch.

Jun 142013

Primitives and children often have crude taste, but only civilized adults have bad taste.

May 312013

What passes for sanity is only people’s fortunate refusal to take their own ideas seriously.

May 162013

To listen to people with talent, you might almost believe that there is no such thing.