Seeming – Page 24 – Everything


Religion, art, taste, and other delusions.

Jun 242013

There is no book everyone should read, no music everyone should hear, no movie everyone should watch.

Jun 142013

Primitives and children often have crude taste, but only civilized adults have bad taste.

May 312013

What passes for sanity is only people’s fortunate refusal to take their own ideas seriously.

May 162013

To listen to people with talent, you might almost believe that there is no such thing.

Apr 232013

The strange grows familiar, and its former strangeness becomes impossible to recover or even to fathom.

Mar 142013

Critics resent artists, but not half as much as artists resent critics.

Mar 082013

Our awareness of what we deserve, but lack, is surpassed only by our blindness to what we have, but do not deserve.

Mar 062013

As I interpret Genesis, the original sin is ennui.