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Operations of thought are like cavalry charges in a battle — they are strictly limited in number, require fresh horses, and must only be made at decisive moments.

Jan 122017

An idea both novel and interesting is almost surely wrong.

Jan 102017

Fear, uncertainty, and doubt look like sound epistemic principles to me.

Jan 062017

You can talk a man into anything, as long as there’s nothing you have to talk him out of.

Nov 182016

Pedantry begins as a parasite on fastidiousness, and eventually destroys its host.

Nov 152016

What is most original is least influential, for we are influenced only by what we can assimilate.

Nov 012016

Ideas need not stand continuous duty, like sentries; you can abandon one without another fresh and ready to take its place.

Oct 042016

If only thought were conserved like matter, if lost thoughts were transmuted instead of vanishing forever.

Sep 222016

When a philosopher says that you have denied the metaphysical nature of something he means that you have explained it.

Sep 212016

Less likely that it is complicated than that you are simple.

Aug 292016

Knowledge is to have a hammer; wisdom is to recognize what’s not a nail.